Very Mappy

Mans Esser created Very Mappy in 2013. The idea: encourage children to create and learn while having fun. With Very Mappy, adults and kids play and color together for hours as they find out about Amsterdam and the Netherlands. No screen, no telly, no tablet and a huge helping of creativity!

Mans Esser

It was while I was playing with my nephew Gijs and his toy cars that I realised how I could make this even more fun. I drew some houses on a sheet of paper, then roads, traffic signs, grass. Gijs colored and played as we explored the city. That was how Very Mappy started. Now every child can have a color and play map. Thanks Gijs!

Annemiek Tigchelaar

Children are bursting with creativity and imagination. I love it that Very Mappy enables children (and adults) to have hours of fun together, to exercise their creativity and to learn. A great way to discover Amsterdam and the Netherlands at the kitchen table or on the floor. Enjoy coloring and playing!

Esther van den Berg

Drawing the maps of Amsterdam and the Netherlands was great fun. Especially the houses in Amsterdam, all those animals and those intricate details. It was wonderful. I generally use a lot of color in my illustrations, so it was challenging to work purely in contours. This time it’s up to the kids to do the coloring!